Many cars look great sitting on the car lot, but its real purpose is to get you from point A to point B. A car should always be inspected thoroughly before buying one, even here in St. George,Utah.

Never neglect a car inspection when shopping for a used car.

Purchasing a vehicle often represents a large investment. Taking the time to inspect a car or having it inspected by a mechanic before purchasing it can prevent you from being disappointed with your next car and help you spend less time in the repair shop in the future.

Each make and model of cars has its own unique problems. Some models may even have recalls associated with them. If you know what type of car you are considering, look at vehicle analysis and consumer reports to determine the common problems associated with that car. This way you will know about potential pitfalls before visiting used car dealerships in St. George Utah.

Inspect the body of the vehicle for rust, scratches and dents. Any marks should be appropriate for the age of the car and the climate it was driven in. Damage beyond that could indicate that the car was mistreated or neglected. Underbody rust can indicate the car was driven in snow on salt treated roads. Body panels that are improperly aligned could be a sign that the car was seriously damaged in the past.

Take the car to a trusted mechanic to determine the condition of the car drive train including the engine, transmission, and other moving components. They will be able to determine the condition of belts, hoses, and other mechanical parts that keep the car running smoothly. A thorough engine check can tell you how much life is left in that engine or if steps were taken to hide engine problems.

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