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Miniature Zebu Cattle and California Red Sheep

Welcome to Slingin Dirt Ranch, breeders of fine Miniature Zebu Cattle and California Red Sheep in Bennett, Colorado!

We strive to produce excellent quality Miniature Zebu and California Reds. We keep detailed records on all of our animals, and breed for temperament, conformation, and productivity. We have cattle and sheep for sale from time to time. Visitors are always welcome, whether you are thinking of adding a miniature zebu or california red to your family, or if you just want to learn more about them! Please call to set up an appointment.

Miniature Zebu Cattle

Pumpkin & Sarah in the kitchen

Blueberry at her first show

If you're not familiar with miniature zebu cattle, let us tell you a little bit about them. Miniature zebu stand 42 inches or less behind the hump. Females will mature at 300-500 pounds, and males will mature at 400-600 pounds. These are a natural miniature breed, and have been around for centuries - they are NOT dwarf cattle. They come in a variety of colors including gray, black, red, brindle, and spotted.

We are very active with our cattle, and take them on parades, show them, and take them to other community events. We enjoy all the time we spend with our cattle, and do our own training at home.

Why Own Miniature Zebu?
Everyone has their own reasons for owning miniature zebu, but they are commonly owned as lovable pets, companions to other livestock, youth projects, or cattle for milk/meat production. Because of their small size, they are great for small acreages. They are also wonderful cattle for older or younger individuals to own as their small size makes them easier to handle. You won't need expensive, heavy equipment to take care of them, and they eat less then larger cattle. They also have an endearing quality about them - and you'll love them once you've got a chance to meet them!

California Red Sheep

California Red Lamb

California Red Sheep are a medium sized meat and wool production breed. Males typically weigh 225-250 pounds, and females 130-150 pounds. The lambs will be born completely red colored, and the wool will fade to an oatmeal color as they mature. They will maintain the red coloration on their legs and face. Rams may have a mane of red hair. Both males and females are naturally polled (no horns). This breed is very calm and easy to handle, making it the perfect sheep for small home flocks.

California Reds are a relatively young breed, started by crossing Tunis and Barbados sheep in the 1970's. We are proud to continue on the breeding of these beautiful sheep!

Announcements & Events

Lucky Wins big at both the Colorado and Texas State Fairs!

Lucky & Jerry in Texas
Lucky and Jerry in Texas
Lucky's Buckle
Lucky's Reserve Grand Buckle
Lucky won big at two fairs in 2012. In Colorado, he was Grand Champion and Champion Challenge Senior Bull on August 31, 2012. He was Reserve Grand Champion Senior Bull on September 1, 2012. In Texas, he was Reserve Grand Champion Bull on both days: September 28 and September 30. We're proud to have this outstanding bull as our herd sire!

Slingin Dirt Ranch wins 2nd Place in Commerce City Memorial Day Parade

On May 28, 2012, we participated in the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade with our cattle. We won 2nd place in the unique division of the parade! We are so proud to be a part of one of the nation's largest memorial day parades, and to bring the cattle to all the people in the city who cannot see these animals regularly. There were around 10,000 spectators, and, as you can see, the cattle were a real hit!

2011 Colorado State Fair

Jerry & Red Velvet
Jerry & Red Velvet
Jerry showing Ranger
Jerry showing Ranger
We took 9 zebu to the Colorado State Fair. The cattle showed on Friday, September 2 and Saturday, September 3. All of our cattle placed well, but we are most proud of our Reserve Grand Champions:
Maxwell's Louisianne - Reserve Grand Champion Junior Heifer on September 3
Fancher Love Ranch Lucky - Reserve Grand Champion Senior Bull on September 2
Fancher Love Ranch Kenya Caleb - Reserve Grand Champion Steer on September 2

Slingin Dirt Ranch visits Shalom Park - August 31, 2011

Carl & Pumpkin
Lucy & Blueberry
Sarah & Lucky
On August 31, 2011, Slingin Dirt Ranch attended the County Fair event at Shalom Park. The cattle were staged inside the building. All three cattle were amazing. We truly enjoyed attending the event and were please to receive the invitation!

Slingin Dirt Ranch wins 3rd Place in Strasburg Hometown Days Parade

Pinky & Sarah - Strasburg Hometown Days 2011
Pinky & Sarah during Parade Staging
Pumpkin meets a new friend
Pumpkin meets another parade participant
Lucky gains another fan
Lucky's newest fan - she was so excited to meet a bull!
Kenya Caleb awaits the start of the parade
Kenya Caleb awaits the start of the parade
On August 13, 2011, we participated in the Strasburg Hometown Days Parade. Our miniature zebu float won 3rd prize in the animals division of the parade. We appreciate all the family members and friends who help make these parade events happen for us. Thank you! Our cattle were well received and well behaved on the parade route.

Stormy, Lucky's First Calf is Born

Stormy Stormy
On July 14, 2011, Stormy was born. He is sired by our bull, Lucky. Proud owners are Robin & David Conder of Elizabeth, CO. Congratulations on the birth of a healthy, beautiful bull calf!

Parker Days Parade - June 11, 2011

Pumpkin meets a fan Pumpkin makes a friend
On June 11, 2011, we attended the Parker Days Parade in Parker, Colorado. All the cattle were very well behaved on a parade route that was full of people, carnival rides, and vendors. We enjoyed the opportunity to chat with several people about our cattle!

Memorial Day Parade - May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Parade Float Memorial Day Parade Float
On May 30, 2011, we attended the Memorial Day Parade in Commerce City, CO. This is the state's largest Memorial Day parade, and it was reported that 10,000 spectators viewed the parade! The parade route was long, but the cattle were very tolerant! They handled several people running up to our float to pet the cattle on route.

Slingin Dirt Ranch visits O'Malley's Mercantile in Watkins, CO

O'Malley's Mercantile in Watkins, CO Visting the Zebu at O'Malley's Mercantile
On March 19, 2011, we spent the day visiting with customers of O'Malley's Mercantile in Watkins, Colorado. Blueberry, Velvet, Pinky, and Pumpkin enjoyed meeting the friends and neighbors who stopped by O'Malley's that day!

Slingin Dirt Ranch wins 1st Prize in Strasburg Hometown Days Parade

Strasburg Hometown Days Parade We participated in the Strasburg Hometown Days Parade on August 14, 2010. Our parade float was named first prize in the animals division of the parade! We enjoyed the chance to get the cattle out for the day, and give a special thanks to Allie, Alex, and Amanda, who helped handle the cattle on the float!

Slingin Dirt Ranch Visits The Bridge Assisted Living in Greeley

Haley & Blueberry Haley & Blueberry Jerry & Pumpkin

Haley & Blueberry Lucky

We visited The Bridge Assisted Living at Life Care Center in Greeley on June 12, 2010. Pumpkin, Lucky, and Blueberry were happy to pay a visit to all the nice, friendly folks there! A special thanks to our 5 year old guest handler, Haley, who did a wonderful job handling Blueberry for us!

We are proud members of:

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