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Miniature Zebu Cattle

We love our miniature zebu cattle! We purchased our first miniature zebu cattle in 2008. We strive to breed fine animals that have good temperaments, are fertile and productive, and have good conformation. If you're looking to get started with miniature zebu, please contact us. We will do our best to match you up with an animal that fits your personalized needs.

We do a lot with our cattle. We take them on parades, show them, drive them, visit assisted living facilities, and more. Miniature Zebu are very easy to train if they receive a lot of handling when they are young. You won't need expensive equipment to handle them. We are able to do most of the care and maintenance of our cattle ourselves. If you have questions about training and working with miniature zebu, please contact us. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

Blueberry, First A.I. Calf in Registry
Slingin Dirt Ranch is proud to have produced Blueberry, the First known miniature zebu calf to have been conceived via artificial insemination.
Jerry driving Kenya Caleb
Kenya Caleb receives a driving lesson.
Jerry trimming Lucky
Our Grand Champion bull Lucky stands quietly for hoof trimming in our hand made squeeze cute.
Pumpkin makes a friend
Pumpkin makes a friend while staging for a parade.
Pumpkin & Sarah in the house
Most moms won't approve of cows in the house, but who can resist the zebus' charm?
Blueberry with friend Leah
Blueberry's small size as a calf made her easy for children to handle.

AMZA We are members of the American Miniature Zebu Association, and all of our calves will be registered with the AMZA. Click the logo for more information on the AMZA.

Want to learn more about our zebu? Get more information on the zebu in our herd by clicking on name or photo:

Miniature Zebu Bulls

Fancher Love Ranch Lucky Fancher Love Ranch Lucky
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Pasture Breeding
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Miniature Zebu Cows/Heifers

Fancher Love Ranch Pinky c.o.w. Fancher Love Ranch Pinky c.o.w. Slingin Dirt AI Blueberry Pie Slingin Dirt A.I. Blueberry Pie
Fancher Love Ranch Red Velvet Fancher Love Ranch Red Velvet   

Miniature Zebu Steers

No Steers At the Ranch at this Time

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